Equity fund and pay-it-forward

People with marginalized identities, non-conforming bodies, disabilities and mental health challenges face barriers to healthcare and wellness services due to systemic and institutionalized oppression.

Health providers serving these populations, particularly in developing countries like Mexico, find it hard, if not impossible, to make a livable wage, let alone access continuing education opportunities, especially if we’re womxn.

We want to be very forthcoming and vulnerable: during these difficult COVID19 times, the existence of the Mindful Eating Mexico collective and platform is in peril, and we need your help. If things continue as they are, we will need to close by mid-year. Since 2013 we have pioneered a weight inclusive, health justice, trauma-informed approach to health and wellbeing in the Spanish speaking world. We have also contributed to making resources available in Spanish, sometimes in collaboration with other institutions and authors (including ASDAH, Lucy Aphramor, Lindo Bacon, Be Nourished, Christy Harrison, and NAAFA). Check out our Spanish resources section here.  It pains us to think of this coming to an end due to lack of financial resources.

If you are someone with disposable income, your generosity in supporting us is deeply appreciated.

At the moment, most of the funds you donate will go toward the scholarship fund for the Seminar on weight inclusive approaches I, Dr. Lilia Graue (Director), am offering for Spanish speaking health providers.

I have allocated a significant number of partial and full scholarships, and there is a waiting list of providers in need of support, including a group of 12 mental health counselors and physicians from CIMAS (a reproductive health center for women) and Centro de Salud Mental y Género (Center for Mental Health and Gender).

I am also translating all of the research papers we’ll be reviewing to Spanish. Most readings / resources in the health justice / weight inclusive / body liberation field are in English, making them inaccessible to Spanish speaking folks. These seminal papers in the field of weight inclusive health care will be available for all once they’re translated. 

Once again, we are deeply grateful for your generous support.