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We know that life can leave little room financially and that self-care calls for a significant amount of resources. We are also painfully aware of the inequities in access to health care and healing spaces for people who suffer from different forms of oppression, discrimination and stigma, and it’s important to us that every person has access to affordable and good quality care. To honor this value, Mindful Eating Mexico has a Community Clinic offering clinical services, coaching, therapeutic conversations and consulting on a sliding scale basis in the field of eating, body and weight related concerns. We offer services in both Spanish and English, and welcome humans of all sizes, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities and religions, with a special focus on Latinxs.

Because the rest of our website is in Spanish, below you will find a brief introduction about our Center prior to the specific information pertaining to our Community Clinic.

At Mindful Eating Mexico we help humans heal and cultivate radical self-care, wellbeing, joy and fulfillment in their mind-bodies, grounded in a weight inclusive, non-dieting paradigm through practices based in mindfulness and compassion.

We are passionate about contributing to a movement of body liberation, with access to radical wellbeing for every body. Our approach to self care, nourishment and movement honors and celebrates each person’s individual desires, needs and wisdom. We envision a world in which it is safe for every person to inhabit their body.

Your generosity helps us help more people.

If you wish to support us, you can:

  • spread the word, so we may reach more people who can benefit from our services;
  • hire any of our full fee services;
  • make a donation via PayPal – any amount is deeply appreciated.
Our Services

Through our Community Clinic, we offer a range of services for individuals concerned about body, food, and weight related issues, as well as for those struggling with an eating disorder, or navigating the challenges of a medically restricted diet to care for a health condition or food allergies and sensitivities.

  • Coaching and healing conversations surrounding food and body with a focus on body respect and body trust
  • Intuitive eating and mindful eating coaching
  • Mind/body medicine
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Supervision, mentoring and consulting for health providers

We offer all of our services face-to-face and online in Spanish and English. All of our providers are credentialed and licensed to practice in Mexico. If you live in other countries with particular local licensing requirements for online services, please be advised that we might not be able offer medical consultation, psychotherapy or clinical nutrition services. We can, however, offer coaching and healing conversations with providers who have extensive clinical training and experience, as well as cultural competency that you may benefit from. We also offer consulting for providers who serve marginalized or minority populations in the fields of eating disorders, psychotherapy, nutrition, mindful eating, intuitive eating, compassion and body trust, particularly those serving Latinxs.

Although it is probably pretty evident by now, we want to explicitly say that our approach is not about weight loss/management. We will not treat you or your body as a problem to be fixed or as an improvement project, nor will we contribute in any way to the suffering, trauma, oppression and stigma created by diet culture and healthism. At the same time, we understand that you might still be ambivalent regarding your desire to lose weight, because we live in a world that is far from weight inclusive and is not kind to larger bodies, and dieting is rampant. We also understand that our culture has created a very narrow definition of health, which it equates with worthiness and happiness. This is a safe space to explore your ambivalence and be supported in finding ways to reclaim body respect and body trust.

Who We Are

Our names link to our full bio sketch in Spanish. While we work on getting the English version online, feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about us.

  • Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT. Founder and Director, Mindful Eating Mexico. Former Vice President, The Center for Mindful Eating. Eating disorders and Mind Body Medicine and Nutrition specialist. Mindfulness and compassion based programs teacher. Clinical Supervisor for MFTs in training.
  • Patricia Graue. Clinical psychologist in training, specializing in survivors of sexual violence and weight stigma.
  • María José Gutiérrez, RD, MA. Eating disorders and anxiety specialist.
  • Guadalupe Rozada, RD, MSc. Specializing in mindful parenting, mindful pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as mindful eating throughout all ages.
  • Erika Vertiz, CP. Clinical psychologist, eating disorders, body mage and somatic movement specialist.
Financial Considerations

Through the Community Clinic, it is our intention to serve individuals who cannot afford the full cost of our services, with sliding scales starting at a minimum fee which allows us to cover our operating costs. Through this we honor equity and social justice.

We do our best to cultivate a balance in our generosity practice, honoring our own personal needs and our level of training and experience. To this aim, we have set a minimum fee and a range for the sliding scale, trusting that you will set an amount that is in integrity with your possibilities and needs, and that is truly sustainable for you.

  • Clinical services, coaching and healing conversations: Sliding scale ranging from US$40 to $130. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly frequency for our sessions together, but we are flexible and can work around your needs.
  • Supervision, mentoring and consulting for health providers: Sliding scale ranging from US$75 to US$180. We offer individual and group consultation, with variable frequency.

We ask that all sessions be paid in advance. We prefer to have payments made via PayPal, but if you would like to make a direct deposit or wire the money, please contact us at


Our commitment with you is to provide the same quality of care that we do to all our patients/clients, regardless of the fee we have agreed on.

We honor our relationship and the work we do together as life-changing, and we ask that you honor all your financial and time commitments with us, as well as any additional commitments as specified in the following sessions.


We value being on time for our sessions. We prepare for each session and do work afterwards – much of our work is devoted to creating the container for the process and preparing practices and resources that will contribute to our work together. We ask that you please show up to all scheduled sessions on time.

Each session has a duration of 45-50 minutes. We take care to have a 10 minute break in-between sessions, so that we can care for our needs, refresh and recharge battery and be fully present for you. We also try to be on time for every session, but if we are ever late we will try to reach out and let you know, and the session will have its full duration. If you are late, you can expect us to be available for the agreed time slot (i.e. if you’re 20 minutes late our session will last 30 minutes). These shorter sessions will be paid in full.

Changes and Cancellations

All changes and cancellations need to be made 48 hours in advance. All sessions cancelled with less than a 48 hour notice or no-shows will be paid in full. We understand that life happens and, at the same time, we have reserved this space and time in our schedule for you. Setting up these guidelines from the beginning frees us from having to make a discretional decision about when it is OK for you to miss a session and when it is not, and it frees you from having someone else decide if it is more important for you to show up to our session or to take care of other unforeseen priorities in your life. With this arrangement, we are not judging or punishing you, but honoring boundaries all around, so that we can together care for the relationship and container that hold the space for your healing and/or learning process.

How To Schedule a Session

Please contact us at

Your generosity helps us help more people.

If you wish to support us, you can:

  • spread the word, so we may reach more people who can benefit from our services;
  • hire any of our full fee services;
  • make a donation via PayPal – any amount is deeply appreciated.